Supporting businesses and projects in the Northern Isles

'Project Office: Orkney'

Launching later in 2007

An internet based 'virtual' project office for Northern Isles projects...

  • Project Information
  • Task Assigmnents
  • Milestones and Schedules 
  • Team Collaboration
  • Project Announcements
  • Document Library
  • Document Archive & Version Control 
  • Messaging
  • Chat 

...perfect for fragmented, part time or temporary project teams in remote locations.

A fully managed and hosted service; 'Project Office: Orkney' is a secure 'Extranet' based application.  Your team simply need internet access - no downloads, no servers, no special networking requirements and it even works on a dial-up connection.

Your have control of your content which is secure and private at all times.

And the costs?

It depends on the size of your team, the extent of document storage you are likely to need and how much training and support you require.  Monthly hosting and support fees around £250 per month would be ample for a sizeable project.

The committment?

Not much.  You can be set-up and trained in a day, use the service as long as you need and cancel when you like.  You simply pay for a month's service in advance and pay a monthly subscription until your project completes.  All the time your hosting services are current, your project office will be backed up daily and technical support available to you by phone or email.

Call any time for a chat about how it works.  There will be a live demo available here soon.